Handling Techniques Opening Techniques
Bigbury Bay oysters can be kept alive for 5 to 7 days if cared for in the following manner:

They must be placed cup side down (to prevent any liquor draining out) in a fridge ideally between 4 - 8 degrees celsius and covered with a damp cloth. DO NOT IMMERSE THEM IN WATER.

'au naturel opening'

Place the Bigbury Bay Oyster cup side down on a hard surface with the hinge pointing towards you, hold the oyster steady with a cloth in one hand whilst with the other hand you place an oyster knife (or any short, strong, blunt knife) into the small gap at the end of the hinge. Push the knife firmly into this gap then twist the knife to open the shell, now run the blade of the knife along the inside of the upper loose shell to cut the top muscle. Remove the top shell and clean out any pieces of broken shell that may have landed on the oyster with the point of the knife. Lastly run the knife under the oyster to cut the lower muscle and freeing the oyster from the lower shell.

Your oyster is now ready to be served.

'easy opening if cooking the oyster'

Bigbury Bay Oysters are easily opened (only if they are to be cooked) by briefly steaming or microwaving. Then follow the above process this will help in the opening as the oysters muscle will be weaker. Be carefull not to steam or microwave the oyster for too long as you will overcook and shrink the flesh.